Easiest Diy Closet Desk Tutorial Stunning Cloffice Ideas On A Budget

But if you have nothing that you need to put in them, they can certainly feel like a waste of space. A few nails, paint, and a drill can convert unused square footage into your new favorite corner. Nail one edge of the bottom to the drawer box. Then use a framing square to square the drawer box before nailing the other three edges.To attach the drawer slide to the drawers, converting a closet to an office we first drew lines 1-7/8 in. If you decide to remove the closet door to fit a chair into the setup, you might be looking for something to differentiate your cloffice from the rest of your space. A good idea would be to use room dividers, which you could easily slide to the side when needed, or curtains. Are you planning to use the existing shelves inside the closet?

You know, bins and boxes of things that need to be stored away and only brought out once in a while? With the right shelving, you can still make it work.

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Plus, I am planning on hanging a couple sconces from the shelves to add a little more light to my desk area, which will come in handy when I am working late at night. I also love that I have walls on either side of my desk. I was afraid I would be claustrophobic at first, but instead I love those little walls. I am making a cute little desk organizer to hold the things I need immediate access to, and the rest are stored with all the other craft stuff in my room. It may seem impossible to makeover an entire room for only $100, but it it totally doable with just a little creativity. Which is why this desk in a closet was the perfect solution.

closet desk conversion

I like the way the shelves don’t go to the edges, letting the overhead light filter down the sides. The exact mirrors that I already have and will use in my office/closet. Will probably just utilize one row of them tho… A new skylight was strategically placed above this desk to highlight this little haven. Kitchen reimagined to include a home office into the cabinetry. An unexpected twist on a traditional concept by using a roll-up metal door to hide the desk recess.

This means that you will technically be using a corner space. Among the closet office ideas you can consider, this one can give you so much more space as opposed to just having one that extends horizontally. You can use plywood for desktops as long as you use the smoother edge, sand it, and either stain it or apply a faux stain as I mention above. I like to use wood filler to fill any holes or deep scratches and then the faux stain completely covers any areas I’ve repaired. By adding a floating desk to a closet, you not only get a secluded workspace to yourself but you also save versus buying a traditional desk. A solid wood desk that lasts you for years will be way more expensive than this floating desk for less than $40.

Closets aren’t known for being bright, naturally lit, or sun-drenched. With the power outlets in place, you’ll need to go about lighting it. In a standard home office (or even an in-office cubicle), there’s plenty of space for your stuff. There’s usually a large desk area that has room for your monitor , your computer, pencil holders, phone, pictures, and coffee cup. A closet with curtains can be a great space for a small home office. If I were to utilize the inside of the door as organizational space, I’d have to be very careful of making it looked cluttered.

How Do I Attach A Floating Desk To The Wall?

With the shelf edges installed, test-fit them again just to be sure. That can be aimed at specific zones in your workspace.

Austin said the space around her son’s new closet desk is so organized, she thinks it improved her son’s productivity with his school work. Her husband, who works from home, also uses the space even though they have another office in the home. The shelves are held up by L brackets she bought at the home improvement store and spray painted black. For an added finish, she painted the screws gold. Austin, who was going for a boho farmhouse look, added wallpaper on the side walls of her closet and shiplap on the back wall. When Taya Schnell needed a dedicated work space at her home, she decided to add an office to a spare closet. The “cloffice” is still serving her well months later.

It reflects light better, adding to the brightness of the room, and makes the space look bigger. As long as you have several sources of light, you can turn off the ones you don’t need at the moment and create an ideal ambience in your home office. A carefully selected swivel chair offers space-saving benefits in a confined space. Make sure the one you choose has a height-adjustable seat so that you could tuck it under your desk. To make the chair more comfortable, pop a pillow on it.

  • I’m moving in two months to a slightly bigger place, and I’ve been considering getting another shelf to turn into a standing desk since I saw it here a while back.
  • Personalize your master closet with special storage features that you select and install, or hire a professional to do the work.
  • This is where an exact understanding of what it takes to make your office a success is essential.
  • Start by measuring the distance between the side walls.

Don’t forget to purchase brackets for the counter. To attach the desk, add wood glue to the top of your frame. Tap the corners down with a hammer to ensure they are laying flat. After I got the desk built, I needed to decide on how to paint the area. I had a bit of paint left over from our dining room and since I absolutely love the color, it was the perfect solution for my budget remodel. One of the most important parts of my office & craft room makeover was a desk.

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Would it be better if you take these out and add new shelves to the small area? Perhaps, you want to add https://remotemode.net/ hooks for lighting or hanging some decorations. These hooks can be useful for fitting cabinets, too.

  • You want to spread the lighting around by adding puck lights, desk lamps, and mounted sconces to dark corners.
  • With this in mind, it would make sense to consolidate your actual clothes in a dedicated closet space and transform your walk-in closet into an office instead.
  • Built-in desks can be a great way to maximize your closet office’s potential.
  • “Definitely keep in mind you might need to add an electrical outlet,” she says.
  • The custom built-in divider creates a desk on one side of the closet, while the other half has several storage cubbies and a space to hang clothing.

Start with the long U-shaped shelf support along the back wall of the closet. Screw it into a stud close to the centre of the closet, then use the spirit level to level out the support. Add screws in every other location where the support intersects with a stud behind the wall. Finally, I cut the edge pieces and support pieces by ripping long sections using the circular saw. I cut 1.5″ wide strips for the supports, and 1.75″ think trips for the shelf and desktop edges. You can make your edges thicker if you like, or not use them at all, but I don’t recommend it. The edges add strength and hide the wall-mounted supports.

Closet Conversions: Six Projects To Reinvent Your Spare Closet

Empty soda cans might occupy room in the recycling bin, but they are more useful inside a cramped closet. By doubling the number of clothing, you can hang on a single hanger. Just pop the tab off of the can and slip it around the hanger’s hook. You can then slip one more hanger through the gap in the tab.

Learn how to turn a spare closet into a super-organized home office. This project keep schoolwork and office supplies contained. Desktop monitors are notoriously bulky, especially widescreen ones.

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Her neat bedroom cloffice features two shelves that wrap around the whole alcove, as well as additional lower shelving just inside those side nooks. It’s the perfect spot to arrange books, keeping them accessible yet off of your workspace. Which is why it might sound a little outrageous to suggest sacrificing a closet to use the space for something else.

The lights are necessary for work but will also improve the entire closet as a whole. If it’s a matter of relocating your spouse’s clothes to the garage and they’re just not cooperating for some reason, you may find happiness together again if you simply work in the closet. This is where an exact understanding of what it takes to make your office a success is essential. Measure out the counter space you can spare to use as a desk and add the items that have to be close at hand, even if that’s just your laptop and a printer in the corner. Add a shelf over your desk for a picture of your pet, a reference book, and the souvenir mug from your last vacation, and you’re set—all the space you need.

Diy Wall Mounted Desk In Closet By @danicaliforniainteriors

For a good finish, the surface of the wood must be absolutely clear of dust, and should stay that way until the finish is fully dry. If you’re using oak or pine, or if you’re staining the wood first to a different colour, you can use whatever you like – polyurethane, lacquer, shellac, etc. However, you can find smaller-scale office chairs that have all the features of larger models. Considering the number of hours you’re likely to spend in your new favorite nook, you need something great to sit on. Not only do they look beautiful, they add oxygen to the space and can be relatively low-maintenance. Consider the footprint of your home before settling on an office door.

closet desk conversion

Jazz the space up as you would any other room. Make the area feel special by using wallpaper or a fun color on the walls. Start the cabinet installation by screwing a 1×2 ledger to the wall to support the wall cabinets. We’re not showing how to wire your closet office here, but chances are you’ll want to add at least one electrical outlet and possibly cable, phone or network wiring. Keep in mind that the new National Electrical Code requires that closet outlets be arc fault protected. This means you’ll have to either connect to or add a circuit that’s protected by an arc fault circuit interrupter .

File Cabinet Dimensions Types & Sizes

Whatever the case, you’ll most likely have room for it—just plan carefully to ensure everything fits nicely and comfortably in your space. As a final step, install some additional beams on an angle, extending from the edge of the closet entrance to the back wall. I used 2x4s for this, flipped onto the wider side. Attach them to the supports on the walls using a combination of pocket holes and screws driven directly through the wood.

Inserted underneath the second-floor stairs, this home office regained precious square footage. Walk-in closet off the bathroom was the quiet space needed to convert into a modern study room. Great company, very easy to work, everything they represented I got, nothing was left out. The installer was a good guy worked efficiently and cleaned after the project was complete.

You may need to do one general-purpose pass first, then apply pressure on a bit of an angle to get the sides to really stick securely. With the clamps in place, drive in the pocket hole screws. With all the screws installed, you can remove the clamps.

Closet Office Door Ideas

Wood stain I used natural wood stain which consists of steel wool soaked in vinegar and black tea. I am redoing my entire office & craft room for only $100 as part of the the $100 Room Challenge. For example, having one by the front door might not exactly be a good idea as you will be greeting all of the foot traffic coming in and out of the house. If you happen to live in a small apartment or in a home that is otherwise tagged as “cozy”, then you are probably all aware of the hassle of trying to find a space for a home office. Heather Bien is a Washington, D.C.-based freelance writer whose work has appeared on MyDomaine, The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, HelloGiggles, and more. You’ll often find her making pitstops for roadside antique shops, drooling over original hardwood floors, or perfecting her latte recipe.

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